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The Kiss by Auguste Rodin is an iconic image of love Istaknut

The famous marble sculpture The Kiss from 1882 by the French sculptor Auguste Rodin represents a sensuality that shocked contemporaries. The embracing couple depicted in the sculpture was originally part of a group of reliefs adorning Rodin's monumental bronze portal known as The Gates of Hell, commissioned for the planned Art Museum in Paris. This couple was later removed because it depicted a positive state contradicting the overall tone of the Inferno gates. Rodin transformed the group into an independent work which the public called The Kiss and exhibited it with his Monument to Balzac in 1898. Today, the sculpture The Kiss is in the Rodin Museum in Paris, and it is still one of the most famous and most adored sculptures in the world.

The sculpture The Kiss depicts a moment from The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri which describes two lovers, Paolo and Francesca, kissing for the first time. Their passion grew as they read the story of Lancelot and Guinevere together. Auguste Rodin captured an intimate moment with both sensuality and romance. In the sculpture, the book can be seen in the man's left hand.

The passion and romance that permeate the sculpture The Kiss are undeniable. Auguste Rodin relies on romance and sensuality, and although both figures are nudes, the way they were sculpted was not overtly sexual. The intertwined figures with sleek and supple bodies ensure that this sculpture is aesthetically pleasing from all angles. They have involved in each other that their faces are barely visible. The striking contrast between their smooth skin and the roughly chilled rock on which they are sitting adds sensual elements to this piece.

Fluid, smooth modeling, very dynamic composition, and an interesting theme ensured sculpture The Kiss rapid success. Although it was a hit, Auguste Rodin himself did not give it much value. He wrote: "The embrace of The Kiss is undoubtedly very attractive. But I have found nothing in this group. It is a theme frequently treated in the academic tradition, a subject complete in itself and artificially isolated from the world surrounding it; it is a big ornament sculpted according to the usual formula and which focuses attention on the two personages instead of opening up wide horizons to daydreams."

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