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The Garden by Jacques Prévert paints the tiny second of eternity Istaknut

The Kiss by Edvard Munch The Kiss by Edvard Munch

A collection of poems Words (French: Paroles) by famous and popular French poet Jacques Prévert is first published in 1946. The very short poem The Garden (French: Le Jardin) from this collection defines a stereotype, the moment of the emperor differently and originally and captures feelings and pour it into words. Within the lines of the poem, Prévert managed to paint happiness with few words and gives a message that little things are those that move us and make us stop in time.

In the poem, The Garden Jacques Prévert doesn't mock conventional symbols or the traditional forms of versification. He pictures a moment with words. This moment is so short to the eye of the beholder, yet eternal in his heart and mind. The moment in which he is holding and kissing his loved one, and just as importantly she is holding and kissing him back, responding. Emotion is free, beautifully encapsulates the intuition - it is free of the mental categories we create to box it in, free and floating through the mystery of the universe, like the poem's exchanged kiss upon the star we call Earth. The quiet atmosphere of the poem is indicative of an intuitive understanding that exists between the lovers. There is no dialogue because a mutual inexplicable feeling exists between them.

The poem The Garden also shows Jacques Prévert's great love for Paris, making it the perfect setting for this endless moment. A sentiment so powerful it makes this planet we are living on, Earth, feel like a wonderful place, a star.

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