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Gustav Klimt's The Kiss is the archetype of tenderness and passion Istaknut

Gustav Klimt painted the final painting of his Gold Period, during which he incorporated gold leaf into his works, The Kiss in 1908 at a critical moment in his career. He had just received scathing criticism for his University of Vienna ceiling paintings, Philosophy, Medicine and Jurisprudence, and breaking away from the Secession. The Kiss was presented for the first time to the Viennese public at The Kunstschau exhibition organized around Klimt and colleagues which was received with fierce criticism and ended in financial disaster. Despite this, the exhibition initiated the astronomical success of The Kiss. The Viennese government bought the painting before the exhibition had ended, as it was deemed a national interest. Today, the painting is in the Austrian Gallery Belvedere in Vienna.

The painting The Kiss presents an embracing couple, concealed behind a large golden cloak. Two distinctive parts constitute the image. The first part depicting the man shows a repeating geometric black and white motif, and the second part portrays the woman who is kneeling, and her head is resting on her shoulder and the man's hand is holding. Their clinging bodies have indeterminate shapes so they look like one person. The bodies of the man and woman are partly connected by luxurious clothes of bright colors decorated with a series of colorful shapes. The man's clothes is rectangular, symbolizing strength and virility, while the woman's is floral and rounded, representing maternity and femininity. A woman's appearance contains a few geometric shapes that connect her with a man and symbolize their unity. Their love relationship is highlighted in the barely noticeable border of their bodies, due to the almost identical weaving of shapes that symbolically separates them from the rest of the world. They are completely untouched by time and the outside world, concealed only in their embrace.

The primary colors in the painting The Kiss are gold, brown, yellow, and green. In the background are gold leaflets that bring depth to this painting. There is gold on the leaves, clothes, and dots strewn on the canvas. Gustav Klimt used eight different types of gold leaves. He applied paints and shellac to the gold to get different types of shine.

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